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Hidden Moving Costs

By Jynette DeMarco

When you decide to move there are hidden costs that are easy to overlook. With the initial cost of hiring a moving company to help you relocate aside, you still need to budget for additional expenses that are sometimes unexpected. By being aware of these unforeseen costs, you will avoid a cash crunch when the final bill arrives.

People often underestimate the amount of packing material that is necessary to store and move everything in their house. Budget yourself to be able to buy twice as many boxes, bags, and other materials than you think you will need. You can sometimes save money on this by buying used boxes through your moving company.

Look out for additional charges by your moving company. Moving large items, like pianos or jet skis, sometimes requires an extra fee. If you are moving to an inconvenient location, such as the top floor or a high rise apartment building, moving companies may also charge you more. Check with your movers to see if this charge will apply to you. When moving companies need to disassemble furniture or remove gas lines in the packing process, there is also usually an extra fee. Remember, if you are packing yourself, not to keep it until the last minute. A moving company may begin to charge you their hourly rate once they arrive if they need to wait for you.

Expect the moving process to take longer than you think it will. Allot money to pay for the movers to take at least a few hours more than you think it should take. It is also customary to tip your movers and provide them with refreshments.

Finally, have some extra money available in the case that anything was damaged in the moving process and needs to be fixed or replaced.

By keeping in mind the hidden costs of moving, you will be able to budget yourself correctly and avoid any surprises when it is time to pay all of your moving expenses.

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