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Modern Tech Systems Basement Waterproofing

Modern Tech Systems Basement Waterproofing

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A little bit about Modern Tech Systems Basement Waterproofing:

Modern Tech Systems Basement Waterproofing was started in Feb of 1996, by owner Anthony P. Vitarelli Jr. Tony had previously been a foreman for a nationally known waterproofing franchise since entering this field in 1989. He had discovered that although the company he worked for had a pretty good system installation available, there were many flaws and problems with it that needed to be corrected. He was a trouble-shooter for the company which had originally started way back in the 1960's. Many jobs were actually improperly installed and he personally corrected hundreds of them.

When the company finally decided to relocate out of Connecticut, Tony decided it was time to apply his knowledge and expertise of waterproofing systems and direct it into his own company. Therefore at the start of 1996, Modern Tech Systems Basement Waterproofing was created and immediately exploded onto the scene.

Anthony personally developed his own proven techniques of the trade into an excellent filtered interior system that is virtually fool-proof. The system was built to be basically maintenance free, as well as problem free. He is the owner of the company, and personally oversees all jobs scheduled. As a perfectionist, all jobs must pass his approval, as if they were performed in his own home. Now, Modern Tech Systems Basement Waterproofing has developed into a well-known, respected, and highly recommended business with a top-shelf knowledgeable staff to serve you. (Please check us out on the BBB website).

Modern Tech Systems Basement Waterproofing is a Company associated with honesty, integrity, perfection and a complete knowledge of precise customized solutions for all your basement seepage problems. Our commitment to you, our valued consumer, comes with no gimmicks whatsoever, and is the definite way to correct that stress (thorn in your backside), caused by a wet basement!

So, for your own personal peace of mind, and for the health of your family, trust in Modern Tech Systems Waterproofing.

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