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Your Very Own Customized Holiday Adventures with Largay Travel

By S. Mathur

While travelers can maker their own flight and hotel reservations on the Internet, and even read reviews of hotels and local sights, there things that online searches can't provide. Things like personalized recommendations based on the individual traveler's preferences, from a knowledgeable consultant. That's the role of travel advisors, says Paul J. Largay, CEO.

"Today there are countless 24/7 options which provide both information and booking abilities. The irony is this expanded research and reservation network has resulted in the paradox of choice for many travelers. There is so much empirical information that people are overwhelmed and confused.They potentially know everything about a destination, resort or activity, but there is no human interface that filters this information through the prism of what matters to the prospective traveler."

As well as providing specialized knowledge, consultants like Largay Travels can help if and when things go wrong: "... when the plans do NOT go as scheduled..because of our worldwide contacts & resources we can mitigate the consequences of unforeseen events like wildcat strikes, weather, geopolitical happenings...etc." While missing luggage is a more common problem for travelers than a coup d'etat in their chosen holiday destination, travel consultants can help with all kinds of major or minor problems. Largay Travels was opened in 1969 and operates out of the Waterbury CT office with sixty full time travel advisors.

Largay Travel has developed partnerships in countries throughout Europe, which gives them access to local knowledge. Largay says that over 48 years in the business, the agency has "developed an expansive network of geographically diverse partners that create and deliver customized exclusive adventures.

If a particular client wants to visit and experience historical sites behind the ropes or at a time that's unavailable to the general public, we have the professional resources to create these opportunities...whether it's an after hours visit to the Tower of London, the Sistine Chapel...or riding a leg in the Tour de France Bike race, we make these options available."

These are experiences that online booking sites can't arrange for you, says Largay, because you didn't search for them specifically: "There's an old adage that says we don't know what we don't know..and its never been more true in the travel options that abound today..we deliver experiences that can't be Googled!"

Based on years of experience, Largay has some advice for those planning a trip. First, make plans and reservations well in advance, to be sure of getting the flights and rooms you want, as well as any discounts. Second, be flexible with dates and even seasons. Third, keep an open mind and your sense of humor handy. List the things you want to do and those you don't. And finally, enjoy yourself. Largay says "A vacation is NOT simply about the cost. It's about the ultimate value of having invested both your money and time wisely...if planned and executed properly, a travel memory is one of the few assets guaranteed to gain in value over time."

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