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Window Films That Make Your Home More Efficient: An Interview with Tim Van Deusen of Pro-Film Professional Window Tinting

By Tim Van Deusen

Please describe the background of your company and your qualifications.

I started my own business in 2002, after experiencing some fading issues in my home. I did some research and discovered window film and its many benefits. I hired a company to install film in my home and I was very impressed with the protection it provided my furniture and floors and also what it did to reduce my heating and cooling costs.

Initially, I only had the front of my home filmed, but I was so impressed by the outcome that I went to school to educate myself in the filming process and then I planned to film the rest of my home myself. One year later, I retired from my job in the construction field and went into business for myself, creating Pro-Film Professional Window Tinting! This was originally supposed to be part-time, but that didn't last long. Recently, I purchased the company that did the original window film installation on my home. I have been professionally installing window film now for over 13 years and I am known for my film expertise and for being a real perfectionist.

What are the main benefits of window film?

  • fade protection
  • reduce heating costs
  • reduce cooling costs
  • reduce glare
  • decorative films
  • privacy films
  • safety and security films

Why does my home need fade protection from the sun?

To understand the causes of fading, one needs to know a little about the makeup of sunlight. Sunlight is basically made up of three elements.

  • Visible light: the part that enables us to see
  • Infrared light: the part that we feel as heat
  • Ultraviolet light: we cannot feel it or see it, but it is the main factor in causing fabrics, furniture, and works of art to fade.

Fading is a result of these three "sunlight" factors and to a lesser degree, indoor artificial lighting, humidity and poor dye anchorage play a role as well. Fading is inevitable. All materials fade in time. Fading occurs, whether exposure is from intense sunlight over a short period of time or a weak sunlight over a long period of time. Severe fading can be minimized with the use of Vista® Solar Control Window Film.

Window film is an effective means by which to help reduce fading. Remember, fading can never be eliminated; however, the installation of window film can drastically reduce the damage, enabling most fabrics and furnishings to look fresh and vibrant for years to come. Vista® UVShield® Window film blocks 99.9% of all ultraviolet rays. Providing UV protection, they reduce visible light and heat that causes fading. More importantly, the composition of the film you choose will always make a dramatic difference in the results achieved.

How do window films help control the temperature in my home?

Windows play a vital role in the home's energy efficiency allowing solar heat to escape in the cold months. We have films that can reduce solar heat gain by 89% and we have films that can retain 93% of the heat in your home in the winter. There are no other films on the market that compare to the Enerlogic® Window Film. Windows typically account for 15 to 30% of the total heating load and may account for more than 50% during the summertime cooling load. The most cost effective way to cut home energy loss is to upgrade existing windows with the installation of Vista® Solar Control Window Film.

How can the window film make my home more secure?

LLumar safety and security film protects any windowed structure from the dangers of flying glass due to earthquake, windstorms, terrorists' acts, vandalism, theft and accidents.

LLumar safety and security film is a powerful deterrent to smash and grab thieves. It forms a strong, virtually invisible shield that hold broken glass in place ? delaying and deterring perpetrators whose goal is to gain quick entry through shattered windows. LLumar safety film is installed on everything from showcase windows and display cases to bathroom mirrors, subway doors and elevator and building interiors. We have been installing LLumar safety film in all of the senators' offices for the past ten years. Recently we have been working with a lot of security companies on various projects. We also work directly with many schools to help them make sound and cost effective decisions on what films to use and where it's best to use them in the schools. We have installed window film in over 50 schools to date.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

All of this information and more is on my website and if you have any questions you can call me. is my website and you can reach me at 860-482-3345.

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