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What is a Handy Man: An Interview with Tom Yerinides of Mr. Fix It Handyman Services Inc.

By Tom Yerinides

Can you briefly describe your company and the services you offer

Mr. Fix It Handyman Services Inc. originated in 2004. I truly believe I've been blessed by God with the ability to figure things out. I've always been good with my hands as early as I can remember. Although I always had this ability it wasn't until later in life that I took on the role of "handyman" when I started working for one of the major franchises. While working there I realized there was a real niche for this business. I thought I could do a better job of providing a more personable service and a better quality of customer relations, so I launched Mr. Fix It Handyman Services Inc.

Can you briefly describe what a handyman is?

A handyman is a person who is well versed in a variety of jobs. I've always inquired while working with the different trades as to how and more importantly, why the process was performed in that way. In turn I've learned much of what I know from a hands on experience, sometimes working as an apprentice for a nominal fee just for the experience of learning.

What are some of the services you offer?

Mr Fix It Handyman services Inc. offers a wide variety of construction services from start to finish. Carpentry, tiling, painting, electrical, plumbing and more. The difference between hiring a handyman to do a punch-list of items is that the customer only deals with one person to handle the list instead of a carpenter and then the painter and not having to coordinate 3 or 4 different subcontractors. Our rates are competitive and sometimes cheaper. We offer everything from a punch-list to small renovations like kitchen and bath remodels.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you or your company?

For more information, testimonials, and pictures of completed jobs visit our website at

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