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Uncovering Your Better Self at Live Right Wellness

By Marina Jokic

Learning to lead a balanced and fulfilling life means different things to different people. At Live Right Wellness, just a stone's throw from Hartford, in Wethersfield, Conn., founder Kerri Abronzino's goal is to help you figure out your own version of physical and mental balance.

A boutique studio located in the heart of Old Wethersfield, Live Right Wellness offers a holistic blend of modalities to help support and assist in the centering of body mind and spirit.

"Our inspiration is to provide space for your restoration, healing, and transformation," Abronzino said. The goal of these efforts is different for each practitioner and depends on his or her individual needs. The overarching objective is to help people recognize, embrace, and come into the very best versions of themselves.

Live Right Wellness offers therapeutic massage, a wide variety of yogic disciplines, acupuncture, intuitive readings, and mindfulness meditation. There are group classes as well as one-on-one lessons. A more indulgent side of the studio is their Shakti Boutique, which brings an eclectic variety of heart-centered gifts to enhance your wellbeing and bring you good vibes. The flexible class schedule and personalized instruction make the classes accessible and suitable for people of all levels.

"People have repeatedly said that when they walk through the door, they are instantly relaxed. Our atmosphere comes from a heart-centered place, as does our work," Abronzino said.

Their Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, available as a private session, is especially designed to develop better self-awareness, overcome limiting thoughts and various trauma, and to empower you to build the life that you want. Your personal experiences contribute to the physical and emotional sensations you feel, but they do not define you, Abronzino said. In other words, you can choose how your body responds and remembers your life experiences. Phoenix Rising sessions use breath, movement, intuitive discussion, and meditation to help you uncover personal patterns that no longer serve you so that you can choose which patterns to strengthen and which to relinquish.

When it comes to the more intangible benefits that Living Right Wellness can bring into your life, such as alleviating stress, improving mood, and alleviating depression, Abronzino especially recommends their six-week mindfulness series meditation.

Research has shown meditation to be helpful with battling anxiety, increasing focus, and developing greater cognitive agility. If you have the ability and time to partake in different types of classes and modalities, you will of course experience the most benefits, but even one class can have a tremendous impact on your life, Abronzino remarks. The group classes and private lessons at Living Right Wellness are meant to work from the inside out in a holistic kind of way, and Abronzino is honored to contribute to people's lives through her work.

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