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Transform Your Yard with Hardscaping: An Interview with Chris Bouchard of MP Landscape Construction

By Chris Bouchard

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

We are a full-service landscape construction company. We install walks, walls, patios, lawns, pool scapes and driveways, and we have a Connecticut state septic installer's license.

What are some of the most popular outdoor hardscapes for Connecticut homes?

Walls and patios with fire pits.

What do you think is one of the most important considerations for homeowners who want to install new a walkway, patio or outdoor wall?

A lot of research. Take notice of family and friends' hardscapes. Visit local mason yards. If you can afford a landscape architect, draw or right down your ideas and cut out or print pictures. Contractors all see different things when they walk on site, so you don't want to be overwhelmed by lots of outside opinions. Don't rush it - stone is supposed to be permanent. And it's very costly to redo or change mid-stride.

How long does the construction phase usually take? Is there anything that homeowners should do to prepare for this?

Can be as little as a week and can last all summer, depending on the scope. Don't fool yourself thinking you're the boss. Mother nature is and sometimes she doesn't cooperate. Sit down with your contractor and tell them your expectations for completion, and know there are breakdowns, bad weather and most all hardscapes always look worse during construction than you ever imagined.

Is there anything about hardscapes that most people don't know about that they should know?

It's very labor and equipment intense. Very noisy, and lots of times hidden things are brought to light that weren't budgeted for.

Do you have any maintenance tips for a newly installed hardscape?

All hardscapes are different, so this is where you'll know you have a good contractor. They will answer all your questions, and tell you what they feel you need to do or not do with your new investment.

What's the best way for people to contact your company?

I'm always available by cell phone 203-417-3532.

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