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The Fascia Family Brings Connecticut Homemade, In-House Chocolate of the Highest Quality

By Elisha Neubauer

Started in 1964, Fascia's Chocolates has remained one thing: steady. Family owned and operated from the start, the chocolate shop has continued on in the same manner, run by the originating family members since opening day.

Fascia's Chocolates is a little different than your run of the mill chocolate shop. Everything has been made in-house from the start, in exactly the same fashion as always. "This often means a more labor intensive process that takes time, like letting product cool slowly on marble slabs," explains Carmen Romeo, President of Fascia's Chocolates and Son-in-Law of the founding couple, the Fascia's. "We feel the resulting quality, taste, and texture are better using these methods."

One of the methods that really pulls Fascia's apart from the crowd is the chocolate used in their goods. Currently, Fascia's uses Swiss style chocolate across their entire product line. "This means a mild roasting of the beans which gives a more even, smoother flavor than may be found in a Belgian style (darker roast) type of chocolate," Romeo says. While everyone has their own individual tastes, making it hard to pinpoint something everyone will like, Fascia's has decided to focus on another factor of their chocolates.

"Since taste is a very personal thing, more important is the mouth feel of the chocolate," Romeo tells us. "The highest quality chocolates have been refined so that there is no grittiness to the chocolate and there is a pleasant feel, which enhances whatever the taste might be. At a certain point, all chocolates refined properly are as good as you can get- meaning they are all excellent in mouth feel so the consumer simply has to choose what taste they like."

But, there is more than just delicious chocolates available at Fascia's. They're in the business of educating guests, as well. Each weekend, the facility hosts Chocolate Experiences and tours in which guests can get an up-close and personal viewing of how the chocolates are crafted. "[The Tour] goes into the history of chocolate and how it gets from a Bean to a Bar and then a Bar to a Box," Romeo details. Birthday parties and private events can also be hosted at Fascia's Chocolates, giving a unique flair to any special event you may have taking place.

"We have had over 18,000 people attend an event here in the two and a half years we have been in our current location," states Romeo. "Among the many facts that people learn in these sessions is that the Mayans were the first to consume the fruit of the cacao tree, 70% of the worlds cacao is grown in Africa, and 90% of the worlds chocolate is made by seven companies."

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