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The Benefits of Having Your Bathtub Refinished: An Interview with Gary Mott of Bathtub Rx, LLC

By Gary Mott

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Bathtub Rx, LLC is a bathtub refinishing and cleaning company consisting of me, myself and I. I do all the work myself, servicing Fairfield County, Connecticut, and surrounding areas. Accredited with the BBB rated A+ and 0 complaints. Also can be found on Angie's List with pages of A-rated reviews. Doing business since 2005.

Can you briefly explain what bathtub refinishing is?

It's a sprayed-on application. I turn your bathroom into a spray booth using an exhaust system and HVLP (high volume low pressure), meaning there is only about 8 psi at the tip of the gun keeping overspray way down compared to say compressors used to spray cars at approximately 70 psi. The exhaust is mostly for fumes that are generated while spraying. Very little coating gets vented.

What are the most common reasons why people want or need to get their tub refinished?

The first is a color change. Back in the 70s a lot of colored tubs were installed that are no longer in style: pink, blue, green, brown, black, etc. Another reason would be for a tub that may be white already but worn and dull. I never promise a brand new tub because it's not the case, but I do hear "It looks brand new" a lot.

What are the main steps in the process?

a) Clean tub with special cleansers that gets the tub surface very clean.
b) Fill any noticeable chips.
c) Mask off the tile above the tub and surrounding areas (toilet, vanity, floor).
d) Set up exhaust.
e) Apply bonding agent. This is key. It's what makes the topcoat stick to the tub.
f) Apply a slip-resistant bottom. So you don't need a bath mat.
g) Spray 3 coats of topcoat. h) Clean up.

Why should people hire a professional to refinish their bathtub instead of doing it themselves?

You will probably use a DIY kit found in your local big box outfits if you do it yourself. These are not what I use! They do not have the bonding agents that I use and this is critical. I also use a professional HVLP system to spray the coating on, leaving no brush marks, etc. If you use the DIY kit it won't last in my opinion and will end up costing you more because it will have to be stripped off first, which adds to the cost.

Is there something that most people don't know about their bathtubs that they should know?

Most people who gut the bathroom and replace the tub do so with a less quality tub due to the weight and expense of a quality tub. I've seen many issues with new tubs installed. Beautiful tile and fixtures yet a cheaper quality tub put in that has issues. Bowing, water pooling cracking and rusting enamel. Cheap fiberglass tubs with holes from the contractors putting in the tile above, etc.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you and your company?

Emailing is great because you can send me a picture of your tub which helps a lot with quoting a price. My email is

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