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Soosh Offers A Full Dining Experience With Sushi at its Freshest

By Elisha Neubauer

Opening its doors for the first time in 2014, Soosh was launched to become a fully emerged dining experience unlike any other in the area. Referred to as a labor of love by the owner, Ari Lieberman, the eclectic eatery has become a staple in the Stamford community.

"Ari's ambition in building Soosh was to offer much more than simply Sushi. It was to offer a culinary experience at its best," says Rica Lieberman, Co-Owner of Soosh. "From the mellow music to the warm ambiance, Soosh delivers a relaxing and memorable culinary experience." In addition to the ambiance, the Lieberman's wanted to ensure you felt no rush while dining at Soosh. For this reason, you'll find free WiFi and plenty of outlets, allowing you to stay fully connected during your meal without worrying about your battery life.

"We find corporate customers are pleased with the elegance of Soosh for a casual business lunch (as well as the free WiFi and abundance of outlets," says Lieberman. "Families enjoy our hospitality and kid friendly restaurant. Couples, both young and young-at-heart, can be found dining in a quiet corner of the restaurant at any given time."

Upon launching Soosh, the Lieberman's had no previous experience in the industry. "Ari's background is in Commerce and in Real Estate," explains Lieberman. "His interest in opening Soosh was purely his love of good food and a relaxing dining experience and hospitality." This reason shows in their love and devotion to the restaurant. "At any given time, either owner, Ari or I, are floating around the restaurant and chatting with customers," Lieberman says. "We like to make every customer feel as if they are dining at our home!" She continues stating, "Without a doubt, our primary focus is on customer experience and customer satisfaction, regardless of cost."

The menu of Soosh can best be described as American-Japanese fusion. "All delicious grilled fish entrees, either Chilean Sea Bass, Miso Marinated Cod, or Salmon Teriyaki," details Lieberman. "For patrons who do not usually eat sushi, we recommend the items on our menu that are made fresh daily- with an emphasis on using seasonal vegetables."

For those who are looking to venture into the sushi world but aren't sure where to get started, Lieberman had some pointers. "We recommend beginning with a cooked fish roll, such as our exquisite Black and White roll (cooked salmon on the inside and flame roasted salmon on top)."

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