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Resurfacing Rx for Your Home: An Interview with Jim Hickey of Rough Diamond Properties

By Jim Hickey

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Rough Diamond Properties is a locally owned home improvement contractor established in 2009. We are located in West Suffield, Connecitcut and service northern and central CT and southwestern MA. We specialize in resurfacing exterior concrete and wooden surfaces, basement and garage floors, interior floors, kitchen countertops and bathroom wall tile.

What is something most homeowners don't know about resurfacing that they should know?

Most homeowners don't realize that there is another option to the time, mess and expense of demolition and replacement of their concrete, wood decking, countertops and bathroom wall tile. Instead of replacing it they can have it resurfaced, giving it a beautiful and durable new finish.

Can you briefly talk about what resurfacing is?

Resurfacing is a process where we take your existing concrete, flooring, countertop or wall tile and coat it with a new finish, giving it an entirely new look. Depending on the surface, there are different products that can be used for different looks and finishes.

On concrete steps, walks, patios and walls we can give the surface the look of individual stones with grout lines while retaining the benefits of a single piece of concrete. Worn wooden decks and porches can be coated with a stone finish that protects the wood from further deterioration and protects feet from splinters. Basement and garage floors can be refinished to a stone texture finish, glossy flake stone finish or smooth metallic epoxy finish all of which will stand up to tires and traffic. Outdated kitchen and bathroom countertops can be refinished to look like marble and granite with exotic colors and metallics. Bathroom wall tile and kitchen tile backsplashes can be refinished with a new stone texture and color.

What are some of the most common places where it can be done and how often should it be done?

We have resurfacing products for many areas of the home, both inside and out. The most common areas on the exterior of a home are concrete steps, walks, patios and pool decks and wooden decks and porches. We can also resurface vertical structures such as concrete retaining walls and foundation walls.

On the interior of the home we offer even more options. We can resurface garage and basement floors as well as floors on the main level of the home resurfacing over linoleum, tile and plywood. In the kitchen we can resurface countertops made of laminate, Formica, tile, solid surface, wood, corian or even granite. In the bathroom we can resurface the wall tile around the tub/shower or the whole room. All of our resurfacing products are very durable and will stay beautiful for years after installation with minimal maintenance. We guarantee our products will not delaminate from the original surface.

What are the main benefits for resurfacing your floors and counters?

There are several benefits to resurfacing over replacement. The biggest is that you get the look of a higher-end finish at a lower cost. In general, resurfacing takes less time, is less messy and cost less than the finishes it replicates. Since we are not tearing out the existing concrete, wood, countertops, flooring or tile, there is less mess and damage to your yard or home. For about the cost of replacement with the same basic materials like concrete steps or laminate countertops, we can, for example, make your existing concrete steps look like granite blocks capped with large pieces of slate or bluestone, or make your existing laminate countertops look like exotic marble with bold veins of color.

How eco-friendly is resurfacing?

Resurfacing is a very eco-friendly alternative. Since we work with what you have there are no dumpsters with concrete, tile or countertops going to your local landfill. Stone isn't being quarried, cut and shipped from thousands of miles away and often from countries with poor environmental standards. Countertops and tile in good condition but just not the color you want today can be given a beautiful new color and look. Our products are professional grade and made in the U.S. On most jobs all that is thrown away is a bag of disposables and a couple of buckets.

What's the best way for people to contact your company?

We can be reached by phone at 860-752-8188, by email at or by mail at Box 291 West Suffield, CT 06093.

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