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Posture Massage Helps Erase Stress Held in Your Body with Their Unique Method

By Elisha Neubauer

Did you know that your body is constantly changing?

Each and every day, your body is facing structural changes brought upon by injuries, accidents, illnesses, and emotional stresses that you have faced throughout your life. Professional athlete to desk worker, no one is immune.

But there is something that can help correct the effects of everyday wear and tear, and that's exactly what Posture in Stamford, Connecticut is offering.

At Posture, you can find a combination of therapeutic massages and structural integration which can help improve posture and break free from any lingering pain due to a misalignment of change in the posture of the body.

"By having body parts in their correct places, or as close to it, with enough space, the body naturally functions better," says Julie Tracy, owner of Posture. While this seems like a common place concept, it is one that is often overlooked. In fact, most people aren't even aware that they have poor or incorrect posture until after a treatment.

At Posture, as Tracy explains, they try to correct the body's way of dealing with internal stress by correcting the misalignment. This can include rectifying the head or shoulders being too far forward or whichever body part seems to have shifted during the years. Craniosacral therapy is offered to ease stress in the body in a gentle way that is quite profound. Lymphatic drainage is also offered to assist the inflammation and detoxification of the body.

But how exactly does it work? Simply put, structural integration just puts things back where they go through a process involving movement and touch. It helps to release stress and impaired functions from the body while calming and comforting the individual.

Once the body has been repaired and rejuvenated through structural integration, the massage therapy offered by Posture will help guide and educate guests on how to reteach their bodies to move in the everyday world. Tracy ensures that her clients are well educated during the entire process, allowing them to take the benefits and teachings of the ten-session structural integration far beyond the session's closure.

There are, of course, several other benefits to utilizing structural integration and massage therapy in your life. "I also am some peoples 'them' time, so they are better able to deal with their stressful jobs," explains Tracy.

Another perk is that good posture can boost your confidence. "When your posture and how you hold yourself is comfortable and upright then confidence occurs naturally," states Tracy. Other benefits include: A taller, slimmer, and straighter appearance, reduced stress, improved flexibility & balance, greater self-confidence, an increased feeling of lightness and fluidity, increased breathing capacity & energy, and improved ability to handle life's changes with ease.

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