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Patricia Koo's Photography Teaches Us to Slow Down and Smell the Roses

By Marina Jokic

Spending most of her life with camera in hand, Patricia Koo has an undeniable talent for capturing a wide range of subjects often in quickly shifting situations. Her love of photography has made her particularly adept at creating time capsules of people's most special moments in life such as weddings, honeymoons, births, portraiture, and live concerts.

"[I] have a knack for dealing with all kinds of personalities in fast-paced settings while paying attention to details, and making sure [my] work captures the day, plus, it's fun," Koo said. "I am extremely empathetic, [and] because of that, I think I notice the importance of capturing a particular moment that may get overlooked by someone else."

Being an unabashed New Yorker also doesn't hurt as Koo is upfront with her clients and encourages them to be candid with her. This helps in quickly pinpointing the type of photos her clients want.

Koo's interest in professional photography is long-standing. During her childhood, she became intrigued by freezing time and the creation of time capsules.

"Looking at old family photos was extremely emotional for me, and I wanted to make sure we had record of our current family events," she said.

In high school, Koo became the head photographer for her school's newspaper and yearbook, a job that fulfilled and challenged her. She went on to major in photography in college, managing the dark room, and developing the skillset that would jumpstart her professional career. Koo has been photographing for over 30 years, and her passion for the art has not diminished even slightly.

"I love being a part of a family's special day, and I believe it really shows in my work," Koo said.

She also knows that people love to look thier best, and photography is an easy way to make people look good. After all, who doesn't love to appear beautiful in a photo? Koo gives brides and grooms, or whomever she happens to be shooting, tips on how to pose and where to stand so that she catches them in the most flattering light possible.

"My favorite place to shoot, hands down, is in Gantry Park on the water," she said. "Not only is it gorgeous, [but] it's where I grew up so it has a lot of history and meaning for me."

Koo knows the park intimately, and can film her clients in nooks and crannies off the beaten path. Being originally from Queens, she is especially fond of photographing people in places around the city which have meaning for them because their love for the location resonates in the photos.

Apart from event photography, Koo also takes pictures of real estate and food. Browsing her site, you might happen upon a decadent cake glazed with chocolate and topped with ripe raspberries, a gourmet entrée with scallops and julienned carrots, or a refreshingly cold and brisk cocktail with a wisp of wheat on top. Koo's photos show details which we might miss at first glance.

"It is so easy to get wrapped up in life's fast pace and forget the small details," she said. "I love photography so much because it slows life down."

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