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No Frills, No Gimmicks, Just Exceptional Hairstyles at H Salon

By Marina Jokic

Recently recognized by the Greenwich Magazine as "Best of the Gold Coast: Connecticut 2016," H Salon operates according to the old-fashioned thinking that good service is at the core of any successful business model. The trick to giving people a haircut they will love is listening and seeing, and possessing good communication skills.

"Our mission is to offer the quality, care, and meticulous attention to detail and artistry in our haircuts and color so they work and fit seamlessly into the client's lifestyle," owner Marisa Fearon said. "We believe in the old values that worked so well for our parents and their parents before them."

Prioritizing quality service has boosted their sales, while prompting them to look at every task as an opportunity for delivering customer satisfaction. In an effort to show how much they value their customers, H Salon purchases ammonia-free hair color, including the least toxic permanent hair color on the worldwide market. Their permanent color is also botanical-based, assuaging the fears of many health-conscious customers.

You won't find a long ingredients list with inscrutable names on their products as you would in the majority of other salons. Not only does their commitment to natural products elevate them above their competitors, it also shows their genuine concern for their customers and the environment. In fact, using natural products low in toxicity is also healthy for the salon's employees, who are in prolonged contact with hair products on a daily basis.

"At H Salon, we understand that all good service relies on good communication and we pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly to the wants and needs of our clients," Fearon said.

Diversity and personal development are key in running H Salon. Letting go of ego until it becomes immaterial, and embracing their accomplishments as proof of their success is what drives the H Salon team's mission of serving the community with excellence.

Alongside their regular business, H Salon also actively supports domestic and international non-profits. They love to give back to their community and other stakeholders through volunteering time, support, and financial contributions.

"We are pro-active in trying to help our world be a better place for all living things," Fearon said.

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