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Need Help with a Quick Move?: An Interview with Brian Barbosa of Mini Movers and Junkin' It

By Brian Barbosa

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

We are a moving and delivery company, and we offer any services that falls in the realms of moving. Some of the most common jobs we get are either small 1-bedroom or apartment moves, single-items moves and appliance deliveries.

We also have a removal company called Junkin' It that offers a wide range of removal services: anything from a single couch removal to foreclosure, full-house clear outs and anything in between. We started this business started in 2013 with one truck and we have expanded to two trucks and a 12-foot trailer which holds 15 cubic yards. We plan on beginning to offer dumpster in 2015.

What would you say are the most common reasons people want help with a mini move?

Most people want help with a move because not everyone has the time or necessary vehicle in order to complete their move. We offer our customers an extremely flexible schedule and the necessary bodies and vehicles to complete the move fast, clean and for a great price.

What are some items that people have the most trouble moving on their own?

Most items people have trouble moving are bigger appliances bought from department or hardware stores, or heavy equipment such as generators. Even moving single items such as couches, most people have a difficult time transporting them since a lot of people do not have the proper vehicle or the assistant they need in order to get the item into the truck and out into its new location.

Can you briefly talk about the benefits of hiring a mini-moving company?

The benefits of hiring Mini Movers is not only the great moving experience for a great price, but also the awesome customer service that comes along with it. All of our customers always compliment our workers on how nice, outgoing and hardworking they are.

How would you compare the cost of a full-service move versus a mini move?

Most full-service moving companies charge outrageously high costs for moving. We calculate each job for what its worth, which is why we give a unique and individualized quote for each job to assure the job is being completed for what it's worth.

Do you have any insider tips about moving companies that might help people?

One insider tip I would give people about moving companies is that you have to be extremely courteous and conscious about the items you're moving because it is very valuable to the customer. Moving is usually a very stressful time for people and we have to keep that in mind. But no matter what, we always get great customers and we enjoy being able to help them in any way possible.

What's the best way for people to contact your company?

The best way to contact our company is our company number at (860) 468-5860, email at or our website at

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