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Liv Fitness With The Three Pillars Of Wellness

By S. Mathur

Liv Fitness is a small wellness boutique in Quincy, Mass. that emphasizes the three pillars: exercise plus nutrition plus mindfulness.

"It goes beyond your typical gym: not only do we offer core classes for your physical health, including strength training, cardiovascular, and flexibility, we also offer a lifestyle nutrition plan and a mindfulness component," owner Liv Chamberland said. "It is not a requirement to be involved in all three pillars but, we believe they all work well together to give you total well-being."

The first of the three pillars of wellness, exercise, uses strength, cardio and flexibility training to change how you move your body. Lifestyle nutrition is the second pillar, and teaches you how to fuel your body and your lifestyle. Mindfulness workshops with meditation, yoga and chants guide the mind towards clarity and spiritual growth.

The goal at Liv Fitness is to provide affordable, high end personal and small group training.

"Our strength at LivFitness is that we maintain small groups, constant communication, motivation, and build strong, personal relationships with our clients," Chamberland said. "I create specialized programs and will modify routines to meet the needs of my clients."

Programs are customized to help members meet their goals. Goals can vary, and include losing weight and burning fat, gaining strength and flexibility, increasing lean muscle or improving overall well being.

"Cardio is important to maintain and increase the strength of your heart," Chamberland said. "Cardio is great for weight loss training but, at LivFitness we practice the combination of cardio and strength training for the best results."

Exercise routines are progressive and varied to prevent burnout or plateauing. Chamberland has years of experience in personal training and has been described by clients as the toughest sweetheart you'll ever meet. She is a NSCA-CPT-National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer and a LMHC: Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

The Lifestyle Nutrition program is more than a diet or a fad. The 10-week program provides basic guidance and support and is intended to cycle over and over. Weekly emails and texts help clients to stay on track, as does the bi-weekly weigh-in/check-in. The goal is simplicity in food choices that reduce rather than add to stress.

The Liv Mindfulness program consists of workshops like Sanskrit Mantra Night, meditation and healing, and restorative yoga. These offer mental clarity and personal and spiritual growth. Whichever programs clients choose, they find themselves making greater efforts and better progress than they believed was possible. That's what keeps them coming back to Liv Fitness.

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