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Little Shop of Howlers Keeps Pets Clean and Owners Happy

By Marina Jokic

Owner and lead stylist Erin McLaughlin stresses the importance of keeping your pet clean and well groomed. Just as we feel refreshed and energized after stepping out of the shower, so too are pets invigorated and healthier with regular baths. Sure, they might bolt toward the first mound of fresh dirt and roll vigorously, but regular bathing is still essential despite your many moments of dismay and horror at the sight of a filthy pet.

"Skin and coat that are left dirty or packed with excess hair are more susceptible to dry skin, matting, parasites and even sores," points out McLaughlin. Also, it's quite helpful to be able to closely inspect every inch of your pet's skin under their coats. What is the last time you were able to do that if not for the bathing and drying routine? Cleaning your pet regularly gives you a unique vantage point and lets you spot a variety of problems early on so that further complications can be prevented.

When asked how often owners should take their dogs or cats to the pet salon, McLaughlin recommends every four to six weeks for an average pet. Of course, if their coat is long and thick, it is suggested to visit more often.

The frequency of visits depends on the pet's coat type and the haircut you want for them. It is important to remember that pets with short hair still very much benefit from regular grooming, but their coats are easier to maintain in between professional visits. Another advantage to consistent salon visits is keeping your house free of pet hair as much as possible. Little Shop of Howlers will ensure that your pet's loose hair doesn't make it back into your house!

We asked McLaughlin what separates her business from her competitors'. "At Little Shop, we like pets to be as comfortable as possible, which we think means not being away from home for too long." Her salon schedules its appointments so that each pet is bathed, trimmed and sent home as expediently as possible. Customers tend to appreciate that, and it's one of the reasons they choose Little Shop of Howlers over other comparable establishments.

"We also attend multiple trade shows and dog shows each year in order to stay educated and current on trends," adds McLaughlin. Little Shop of Howlers' rank among the top fifteen groomers of the country is not fortuitous. At the time the rankings were announced, McLaughlin was also actively competing at national trade shows. In addition, the salon offers cat-grooming services, which not many others do.

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