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How to Prepare for Your Bathroom Remodel: An Interview with Bill Ganem of Quality First Home Improvement

By Bill Ganem

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Quality First Home Improvement spealizes in basement, bathroom and kitchen remodeling however we can tackle almost any kind of project from installing fencing to re-roofing your house and anything in between. If it has to do with your home, we can probably handle it. We are CT's Healthy Basement choice. Please don't be fooled by other companies promising that THEIR way is Okay or better. We can provide scientific proof while other can't or won't. This is YOUR families health we're talking about and something that Quality First Home Improvement doesn't take lightly.

What's one of the biggest mistakes you've seen people make during the bathroom design and remodel process?

For the most part, many homeowners remodel bathrooms because their old and outdated. The bath could be anywhere between 20-50 years old. One of the biggest mistakes is NOT taking the bath(full or w/shower only, NOT ½ baths) down to the bare studs & floor and starting fresh. We can then see what problems may be present(electrical, plumbing, mold, rotten wood and so on)after 20-50 years. Our company doesn't want to cover up existing problems, we want to correct them so you can enjoy you bathroom for years to come.

The second biggest mistake is not having proper ventilation for the bath. That means either not having a fan big enough for the bathroom size OR have the fan not vented properly. Having your bath fan vented properly means venting it thru the roof or possibly out the side of the gable wall. Venting it into the attic OR soffit is NOT the correct way to do it. Improper venting is the main cause of mold either in the bath or if the fan is vented ONLY into the attic, mold can be present on the underside of the plywood.

What do you do to help homeowners avoid this mistake?

To avoid this mistake, we try and explain the pitfalls of just going over things. I get that homeowners have budgets and would like to try and stay as close them as they can but our company will not take on jobs that we can see what's going on behind the walls, floors and ceilings. Things are done differently today than they were 20-50 years ago. Building codes are always changing and since we warranty ALL our work, I'm not comfortable putting MY warranty OR name on what someone else did years ago.

What are the most helpful things that people can do at the beginning of a bathroom remodel?

Start by getting ideas(colors, styles & designs) of what you'd like the final bath to look like, get ideas(hopefully pictures) from the internet, magazines or TV shows. Showing your contractor what you'd like helps with the design process. Also having a realistic budget helps, but keep in mind that sometimes there are unknowns(behinds walls, ceilings & floors) and that may increase the costs.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

The best way to reach us is by visiting our website at and looking at our videos and photos of completed projects. The quickest way to get in contact with us is to fill out the contact form on the website and it gets email directly to my phone or calling us at 860-667-8105 and you can leave a message. We are in the field during the day so all business calls are returned either the same day OR by noon the next.

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Miles Smith

I found a lot of interesting information here. A really good post, very thankful and hopeful that you will write many more posts like this one.

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