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Half Full Brewery Wants You to Enjoy Life as Much as They Do

By Elisha Neubauer

There are many things that drive Half Full Brewery ahead of their competitors. But, to understand what makes them distinctive, you have to first understand the market. Over the last year alone, over 2,000 new breweries have launched in the US. Craft beer has been thrown into the limelight, opening the door for many new brewers to get their name on the map and drive focus away from the big three: Budweiser, Miller, and Coors.

Now, with so many independent breweries getting recognized, there is a strong competition in the indie market. However, that hasn't changed the sense of camaraderie between smaller brewers in the industry. What it has changed is the quality of breweries, though. With so much attention on the business, there has been an influx of companies launching for all the wrong reasons.

"The focus of competition has shifted from the big three towards brewers who may be entering the market for the wrong reasons (money, not passion), who don't take care of their employees, and those who don't take quality seriously," explains Jordan Giles, Director, Branding, and Customer Service for Half Full Brewery.

This is where Half Full Brewery really stands apart. "Any brewer who believes in those things is a friend of ours," states Giles. "We have a great deal of passion for what we do, we make sure that our employees love where they work, and we take quality control very seriously." He adds, "One other thing, and perhaps the most important, is that we are very focused here on building a brand that stands for something more."

So what are they doing to build this brand?

"We do that by highlighting people, products, and stories that are fun, optimistic, and adventure filled," Giles tells us. "We truly believe that life is too short to be unhappy, and we are strongly committed to letting the world know that there are people out there who love what they do, and it's not too late to be one of them."

In addition to the ambiance of the brand, they're very careful with each and every style of beer they brew. At Half Full Brewery, every beer starts with the question, 'Is this something we would want to drink?' If the answer is yes, then they move forward. In addition to whether they would drink it or not, they put a heavy focus on two points: one, brewing unique takes on familiar styles and two, brewing familiar takes on unique styles.

"We are obviously cognizant of ever changing taste preferences of the consumer, but we always make sure we aren't just making a beer to ride a trend," affirms Giles.

The company has grown exponentially in its short life span, but has no plans of stopping any time soon. "Our first short term goal is tightening up our processes here at the brewery," Giles details. "Our second short term goal is to make sure that everybody that works here is super happy." Longer term goals are to build out a much larger facility, become a regional craft brewery, and to become one of the best places to work in the state and beyond. One thing can be said for Half Full Brewery?they're a brewery to be watched.

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