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Genius On the Go Is A Go-To Solution for All Things Apple

By Pamela Sosnowski

Although Apple products are generally thought of as user-friendly, like any other piece of technology they are not foolproof. Apple consumers in the Fairfield area that experience problems with their MacBook, iPad, or other products have a resource they can turn to other than their local Apple store: Genius On the Go. The tech support company, run by Vin Bhagirath and Shem Sabovic, can address any problem with an Apple product as well as provide upgrades and maintenance.

"Genius On the Go comes to your home or business to provide Apple technology support and solutions," Bhagirath said. "We do everything from optimizing Wi-Fi in homes, increasing RAM on Mac computers, upgrading hard drives on Macs, migrating data from your PC, organizing and managing iCloud accounts, and installing Smart Home technology. We also provide training and coaching for new Apple users."

Both owners are former Apple employees that became friends while working for the company, so they've immersed themselves in all things Apple for several years of their career experience. Sabovic worked for an Apple store for four years wearing several roles that included sales, customer service, and training customers and employees on new products. Bhagirath worked at Apple for seven years in employee training and retail operations. Inspired by their passion for technology and assisting others, they started Genius On the Go in 2013.

Some of the services that the friends have performed for residential Apple owners include restoring seemingly lost photo albums, setting up wireless printers and scanners, and performing hardware upgrades. Genius On the Go bills for services by the hour and can often provide immediate support, sometimes within hours. Another way in which they help home Apple consumers is by providing one-on-one training that teach owners how to get the most out of their products. One of their greatest strengths is knowing how to explain technology in simple terms so that anyone can understand it.

The company also serves the needs of businesses, which often have more complex computer needs. These include data protection, cloud-based data management, malware and virus protection services and more, all of which Genius On the Go covers.

"We have the agility to travel to businesses when their technology isn't working and decrease any potential 'downtime' they may have," Bhagirath said. "During our complimentary consultation we take the time to learn about our client's business to then build out customized technology roadmaps."

The technology roadmap addresses all tech needs, helps streamline a business's workflow, and makes the Apple products more efficient in the operation of the business.

With Genius On the Go, Apple owners have a trusted go-to partner for all of their Apple technology needs. The ability to help others understand and get the most out of their Apple product is what drives Bhagirath and his partner.

"As former Apple employees, Shem and I understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service, while sharing our passion for technology to enrich the lives of our clients," he said. "Genius on the Go's greatest strength is our commitment to resolving any and all tech needs."

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