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From Birth to Death, Flow of Life Wellness Supports Healthy, Happy Bodies

By Kelly Church

Providing a "complete lifestyle redesign and spiritual, emotional and mental growth," Flow of Life Wellness in Danbury, CT is owned by Stephanie Mendite, a registered nurse and Reiki master. Mendite offers her patients wellness coaching, Reiki services, sage cleansing and spiritual blessings.

Wellness coaching and lifestyle redesign is one of Mendite's more complete offerings. It takes all factors of the client's lifestyle into consideration when coming up with a plan of action. Mendite's wellness coaching can incorporate many of her other services, including Reiki, nutrition counseling and meditation.

"My passion in life is to work with those who want to improve their interactions in the world, their relationships with others and their relationship with themselves," Mendite said. "We look together at the issues the client wants to address, figure out where they'd like to be with their physical health, mental and spiritual wellness, relationships and also work/life balance."

Stephanie Mendite

The goal, according to Mendite, is to help all of her clients find true balance in their lives, answer questions about themselves and experience total wellness. Reiki is often incorporated to achieve this, and can also be performed as an individual service outside of wellness coaching.

Reiki is an old Japanese practice that uses gentle hand positions over the body to promote healing. The idea is that the energy from the practitioner's hands shifts the energy in the client's body to clear blockages, reduce stress and induce relaxation.

"It is relaxing," Mendite said. "It is clarifying. It is grounding. It is inspiring and life-giving."

Other services at Flow of Life Wellness include sage cleansing, also known as smudging, to clear a space and prepare any client for a new change, endeavor or adventure. Spiritual blessings and ceremonies can also be performed; Mendite is an Ordained Minister and actively pursuing her PhD in pastoral counseling. For holistic and spiritual services from birth to death, Mendite can help.

"My intention with Flow of Life Wellness is to work with clients prior to the dire stages of an illness, prior to the anxiety getting to the point of panic attacks, prior to the marriage dissolving into a divorce," Mendite said. "All of these life dilemmas can be learned from and avoided, if the person seeks to find those solutions."

Mendite's belief is that by proactively addressing these situations, the vicious cycle of disease and requiring prescription medications could be remedied.

To learn more about Mendite and her practices, visit

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