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Five Best Towns for Investors in Hartford County

By Colleen Colkitt

Hartford County, Connecticut, is a perfect place to own property and rent or sublet it out because it's such an attractive location. It is near enough to New York City to easily commute, but also far enough away that living cost is lower than the Big Apple. There are some college towns that might be great for renting and subletting as well, and there are also opportunities to turn profits on houses that will increase in value! With so many great things to do in this area, investors don't want to miss out on this opportunity!

1. Avon

This is a special place because of the safe area Avon is in. With a population of about 18,000 people, the town was ranked the third safest town in the entire country. For those who value education, this is the place to invest time and money, because the school system is very prestigious. Avon is in the eastern region of Hartford County. Another reason this is great town for those looking to sell in the future, is because these properties are in high demand due to their prime location. The median income for an average family is about $109,160 which shows how affluent the area is, and indicates the homes will be successful on the market if an investor is trying to sell again.

2. Manchester

Over the years, Manchester, Connecticut has been built up and really revived so that it's an appealing place to live, and not just for the summer! The urban center of the town is where most of the population is located, and it's about 30,577 people. There are great public transportation services here as well, so even those who don't need to commute for work will be happy at the convenience.

This location for property will appeal to investors because the income for a family in the region is $58,769, which is much higher than national averages. The place has really been revived, which is evident by the Shoppes ay Buckland hills, one of the largest shopping centers in the northeast. Properties here will have increased value over the years due to the growth and expansion of the town.

3. Bristol

Bristol is another town in Hartford County that investors will want to take a look at. Its main draw is the large commuter service that allows for residents of Bristol to park their cars in lots and get public transportation into New York City. Bristol is a suburb with more than 60,400 residents, and the home of sports broadcasting juggernaut ESPN.

For those renters who want to live close enough to participate in the fun nightlife of New York, Bristol offers housing at a lower cost of living. Renting to those money-saving work commuters is also an option when investing in Bristol, CT.

4. South Windsor

South Windsor is a great community atmosphere with highway access and public transportation. It has a population of about people, and it is a prime location because it's only 100 miles from New York City. This is a great commuter location and it's in high demand to be close enough to the city, yet far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. It's a prime location because it's right near the highway system.

The reason why this is such a great location for investors, is because it is an easy area to sell houses in. There's commercial development and the economy here has expanded throughout the past several years. The cost of living is lower than some other upscale neighborhoods in Hartford County, such as Farmington and Glastonbury. It's an attractive place for residence because it's very affordable and reasonable in cost, which is why it would be great for investors who are looking for re-sell opportunities in the future.

5. New Haven

New Haven, Connecticut, is a town great for those who are looking for an easy transition from a more busy and happening city. If investors are looking for properties that will increase in value, or be highly sought after, New Haven is the place for you. There is an exceptional layout of the city, due to their tradition of urban planning. As for the neighborhoods, Yale is a major university that is the source for employment and also entertainment for residents. There is more of a nightlife here, and it appeals to a larger and younger demographic. Renting out to college students is a great option to keep in mind.

The main reason this area will turn a profit, is because of the renovations that have been taking place since 2000. The urban redevelopment has created new restaurants, retail options, and places to go for entertainment. The town is extremely attractive for younger and older crowds alike, making it easier fro investors to rent or sell to buyers.

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