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Finding Inspiration in Nature: Explore How Lovecraft Tattoo Came to Be

By Elisha Neubauer

In the early 90s, tattooing was heavily based on the use of flash, pre-drawn images posted on the wall or in books for customers to browse and choose from. Friends and coworkers, Laura Usowski and Christian DiMenna, knew they wanted to dive into a more artistic version of the practice. Having attended college as art students together, the pair shared the same artistic foundation which would launch their business venture into a custom design enterprise.

"We felt the need to break free from the traditional street shop where clients chose their tattoos from pre-made images hung on the wall," explains Usowski. "We knew tattooing, as we know it then in the 90's, could be evolved into a more artistic form." After working side by side in a local New Haven studio for several years, the pair set out on their own, launching Lovecraft Tattoo in 2004.

Today, Lovecraft Tattoo has taken up residency near the Sleeping Giant Mountain in Hamden, Connecticut. Still a relatively small studio, the shop is home to four artists: Christian DiMenna, Laura Usowski, Rick Waite and Charlotte Epright. The artists base their inspiration from several different avenues including Art, Music and Nature. They enjoy spending much of their time away from the studio hiking, going to museums, drawing, painting and flipping through a selection of books?all in an attempt to further their art to the highest degree.

The shop itself is a veritable array of naturally inspired decorations. Soft colors, live plants, and rows of bookshelves fill the shop with a warm, inviting ambiance that will ease any nerves clients may have before their session. Stickers, gift certificates, and t-shirts are available in custom designs, as well, for those who truly enjoy their experience.

While the shop has crossed the twelve year mark, Usowski says she has big plans for the future of Lovecraft Tattoo. "I would like to see the studio gain a few more artists with diverse artistic styles to work with and learn from," she states. "Future goals for me personally within the business would be to continue to expand my knowledge and access of tattooing to others as a healing art form."

For those looking to get their first tattoo, or their fortieth, Usowski has some tips. "Do your research and ask questions," she tells us. "With all the information available on the internet, it is much easier for clients to inform themselves and become familiar with the types of tattoo studios in their area as well as gather their visual references to help design their tattoo."

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