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Field to Face Organic: Pamper Yourself, Without Poisoning Yourself

By Elisha Neubauer

Holly Wheeler wanted to change the way that beauty was perceived and to help women find that glow, naturally, from the inside out, without the use of harsh chemicals or additives. They wanted to create a place where women could pamper themselves without poisoning themselves. So, create is what she did.

She launched Field to Face Organic, a place that focused on green, natural products sourced from sustainable, local ingredients.

"Your skin is your largest organ, and absorbs about 75% of what you put onto it," Holly Wheeler explains. "We put about 170 chemicals on our bodies everyday through our personal care products alone." Unlike your digestive system, your skin doesn't have the natural defenses against toxic additives, meaning those chemicals are being absorbed directly into your blood stream each and every time you apply them.

Wheeler insists that, once you make the switch to clean products, you will begin to notice an immediate difference in everything from your skin's appearance to your energy levels. "Botanical based products are truly healing and nourishing for your skin and to your whole body," she says.

Wheeler has carefully curated the line of products utilized through Field to Face. She has ensured that each and every single product is indeed considered clean, examining the ingredients to make sure that there aren't any dirty chemicals hiding below the label. "We are so blessed to have so many wonderful herbal farmers and green beauty makers here in Connecticut," she says.

In order to truly enhance their mission, Holly Wheeler, along with her twin sister Natalie, decided to rebrand and expand the business. They launched the VASU Tribe Studio. Although natural beauty was Holly Wheeler's passion, she felt like it was only a small part of the big vision that she had for bringing about change in her community.

"We want to inspire others to not only nourish their bodies with nontoxic products, but also to care for their bodies with yoga, meditation, positive thoughts, and conscious living," she details. "With VASU, we are a lifestyle brand that offers many tools for healing and inspiration to Live In Your Light."

The Wheeler sisters want to encourage people to make self-care rituals a part of their everyday lives. "We run busy lives, and as the pace and stress load of our modern world increases, our self care needs to increase proportionately alongside it," Wheeler says. Whether it means taking a healing bath, attending an empowering yoga class, or infusing your home with aromatherapy oils...find a way to incorporate self-care practices into your life.

"We created VASU for you, to come and ignite your soul and recharge your body, because we know deeply the importance of self love and care, and how much your life dims without it," affirms Wheeler.

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