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Expert Tips on Gutter Cleaning and Repair: An Interview with Garret Maynard of All Gutter Services

By Garret Maynard

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

All Gutter Services (AGS) has been in business since 2002. My name is Garret Maynard, I am the owner/operator. AGS helps the homeowner manage roof water by keeping your gutters clean and in working order. We also repair chimneys, clean and fix roof leaks, and replace vent pipe gaskets.

What are some benefits of having your gutters cleaned regularly?

Clean gutters keep roof water from overflowing. Overflow damages the cement and grass below and damages the face board, which can cause the gutters to separate from the house. In the winter, clean gutters prevent ice damming, which is what happens as melt water from snow and ice overflow into the house.

What does gutter cleaning involve and how often should it be done?

Gutter cleaning is fairly low tech. It can be attempted with one technician, a few hand tools and a carefully placed ladder. The ladder gives access to the outboard side of the gutters and the roof, which is the best access point. I do not use water in the cleaning since that is dangerous. I hand clean each trough and snake all the downspouts. Gutter debris is bagged and fallen debris is cleaned from the property. It's usually a dirty messy task, but it is always dangerous. Only a trained technician should attempt the job.

Homes located in lightly wooded areas need cleaning in the fall and sometimes in the spring. In more wooded areas cleaning is performed in the fall and spring but never as needed because by the time you witness that you need a cleaning it may be too late to prevent water damage.

What are some of the most common gutter repairs that are needed in Connecticut?

Cleaning is the most needed and in a sense is a repair. The second most needed repair is loose or downed gutter troughs and downspouts. Other needed repairs are vent pipe gaskets. Each house has one, two and sometimes four vent pipes. These are the usually black pipes that protrude up out of the roof atop bathrooms. These pipes vent sewer gasses. Each has a gasket surrounding the pipe and after years of hot and cold, and UV damage they need replacing.

In addition to gutter repairs, how often should homeowners check for small roof leaks?

Best time to check for leaks is when it's raining heavily. If you can observe from the attic as the rain falls and notice any dripping, mark where the water drips and then give us a call. If you don't have access to the attic, look for spotting on walls and ceilings. Also, if you smell mold this may be a sign that you have a leaky roof. Other than that you should have a roof inspection annually. We do that with every cleaning and there is no charge.

Do you have any gutter and roof maintenance tips to help people avoid extra repairs and expenses?

Best tip I can give is to call AGS for your free roof inspection. If we find something we can fix it before it does any damage or further damage.

What's the best way for people to contact your company?

Best way to get ahold of us is to call the office phone: 203.345.6167, or post me directly at:

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