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Experience The Joy Of Art At The Clay Date

By Elisha Neubauer

The Clay Date, located in New Haven, Connecticut, is a place for people to go to let go of the stresses of daily modern life; a place where one can relax, get creative, and just let outside influences dissipate.

It is believed that the process of creating can calm the mind, providing a much-needed break from the usual hustle and bustle. The Clay Date is a safe space, a place to go where all are welcomed and creativity is encouraged.

For those wanting to get artistic, The Clay Date offers many different features. Guests can paint their own pottery, try their hand at glass fusion, craft their own candles, create a beautiful mosaic, and even hand build clay. Many of these activities are available as a walk-in, with a handful of options only being available with prior notice.

"Art is so very important because not only does it record a person's personal journey, art tells amazing stories that give us clues into the societies that have gone before and will leave stories for the generations to come," Jessica Ginnow, Owner of The Clay Date, said.

Ginnow explained the importance of pottery, in particular, throughout human history.

"Pottery and painting are among the oldest art forms known to man," she said. "Humans have always longed to tell their story and before the written word, sculpture and painting gave people the means to do that."

Pottery is another artistic format which allows the artist to express their personality and thoughts in a unique way. Everything about the piece speaks to the artist's passion and imagination, from form to color choices.

Knowing this is an important element, The Clay Date encourages groups and parties.

"We offer the largest variety of creative activities for people do at their celebration with a wonderful staff that is dedicated to making each celebration wonderful," Ginnow said.

The facility offers kids' parties, adult workshops, room rentals, and even full studio rentals for affordable rates. Activities include pottery painting, glass fusion, mosaics, candles, canvas painting, clay sculpting, pottery wheels, and board art.

"But even more important than the number of activities there are to choose from, is that we honestly love what we do and strive to create an environment that is warm and welcoming," Ginnow said. "We want your gathering to feel festive and comfortable so everyone creates not just a product but a great memory."

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