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Everything You Need to Know About Home Lighting: An Interview with Chris Brown of Ray Brown Electric

By Chris Brown

Tell us a little bit about your experience, company and the services you offer.

I opened the doors to Ray Brown Electric in July 2012. I come from a long line of electrians. My grandfather started his electrical company back in 1929 and I started working with my dad and grandfather in 1991. Back then we serviced all three industries: commercial, residential and industrial. Today I chose to have Ray Brown Electric focus on servicing residential customers. We believe if we specialize in one field, we can better service our customers and their needs. We offer any residential service from troubleshooting, to lighting and outlet repair, to service replacement. Anything in the home we can repair or replace. My grandfather and my father said that "nothing beats quality service and everything can be repaired."

What are some of the most common lighting services that homeowners in Connecticut are requesting?

A majority of our residential work is lighting repair/replacement or recess lighting.

Is there something that most people don't know about the electrical work involved with indoor/outdoor lighting that they should know?

Electricity could be a very dangerous thing. Something as easy as a splice to a light or outlet could cause a fire. People don't realize that we are professionals and we need to go to school and go through an apprenticeship to learn proper electrical. And even then not everyone is cut out to be an electrician.

What are the best options for installing/replacing indoor lighting in areas that people want to be brightly lit?

When it comes to indoor lighting everyone has their own opinion. Some like recess, some like switched outlets and, better yet, some like ceiling-mounted fixtures. We ask what the customer wants and customize our lighting design to what they need.

What is the basic process from start to finish of installing new lighting, and how long does it typically take?

Asking for a basic process is asking a 5-year-old if he/she wants ice cream or candy. Every application is different. Some houses are easier than others. Is it first floor or second floor with attic space? Each application is different and has different time frames.

What changes would you recommend for outdoor house lighting that would improve people's safety and security?

Outdoor lighting does help with security to a point but nothing helps better than a good security system. When you have motion sensors lighting up your yard it will detour the common foe.

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