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Designing a New and Improved Kitchen: An Interview with Maureen Hally of KDM Kitchens

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

KDM Kitchens specializes in creating distinctive interiors for the kitchen, bathroom, home office and media rooms. Our team is committed to providing you with quality products, exceptional value and, most importantly, an enjoyable experience. A typical project begins with a call or visit to our showroom where you will be introduced to a member of our team that will assist you in putting together everything needed to get your project underway.

Whether you are just starting to think about a project or have been collecting clippings from magazines for years, our designers can help you along the path to creating a new space that you will enjoy for years to come. You can rest assured that our designer is not only professional, but also familiar with the latest styles and product advances. For those interested in turnkey services, we have a full-time project manager to assist with installations and remodeling.

Once you've had a chance to browse through our site (especially the testimonials page), please feel free to give us a call or stop by to see how we can help you with your next project!

When people want to design a new kitchen, where should they start?

First, you must determine your budget. It is a long-term investment, both financially and cosmetically. You want to love it for a very long time! Costs can accumulate rapidly, and not only the materials you choose are a factor, but there are often other costs to consider: plumbing, and electrical and structural work might all be necessary.

Determine what you like and dislike about your current kitchen, or what you love about your dream kitchen. Always consider lifestyle changes: children moving in or out, entertaining plans, family members visiting, or even moving in. Is your kitchen the hub of your home? Or is it simply a place you find peace and tranquility to do what you love best? This will help you determine the layout of your new kitchen.

Storage, storage, storage! Take stock of your inventory and kitchenware and determine what you might need. Appliances are a key factor in your kitchen design. Gas, electric, installed appliances, extra freezer space - these are all important to consider in your design preferences. And with most who love their kitchens, the color palette and feel of the room is truly important, as it reflects who you truly are and you want it to be perfect.

What are some of the most important decisions homeowners will need to make during the kitchen design process?

Make a list of renovation priorities or absolute necessities in your new kitchen. Is it new appliances, granite countertops, custom backsplashes? It is important for you to know your absolute can't do withouts.

Enlist a professional. KDM Kitchens only employs absolute professionals and we stand by our work 100%. And, of course, know your budget. You don't want to put yourself in a position where you can't afford what you think are priorities. At KDM Kitchens, we can help you find affordable solutions that you might not otherwise have considered.

How is the budget typically set? What are some ways to keep your project affordable?

At KDM Kitchens, we specialize in realizing that no one has an unlimited budget. We can help you have your dream kitchen. What determines a dream kitchen is the expertise of our designer having a "good eye/good fit" mentality. Select your appliances carefully. We can help you conceal your energy efficient appliances behind cabinet fronts to ensure that long term, you will reap the benefits of your appliances.

Do you have any advice to help make the kitchen design process as enjoyable as possible

Remodeling or designing your new kitchen should be fun! Sometimes it involves ripping out walls, and dirt, dust, noise and other unpleasantries. But at KDM Kitchens we plan very carefully to ensure that your daily routines are minimally disrupted. You can plan for everyday routines. We know you still want clean towels, a hot shower and that you don't want takeout for the duration. You can prepare by moving your microwave and refrigerator to your dining room or finished basement so that you can still reside in your home.

Also, at KDM Kitchens, we always consider waste removal concerns, so there is less interruption in your day to day life. We also let you know when there will be any glues, finishes or other odors being applied that might be offensive to you and yours, and always are aware of proper ventilation techniques. There will sometimes be some dust that will drift out of the work area. We will assist you in covering or removing such valuables that might be affected and always keep you abreast of what is going on every step of the way.

What's the best way for people to contact your company?

Call 203-250-6445, email, or visit our website contact page. You won't be disappointed in our commitment and our professionalism.

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I found a lot of interesting information here. A really good post, very thankful and hopeful that you will write many more posts like this one.

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