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Countdown Fitness Introduces Slow Burn Method for Injury-Free Fitness Results

By Kelly Church

At Countdown Fitness, the slower, the better. The Greenwich, CT fitness studio practices what they call the slow burn method: weight lifting with slower movements to minimize the risk of injury and build lean muscle. Founder and personal trainer Anel Dzafic said clients could count on getting an effective workout through the slow burn method.

"One of the main reasons people train with us is being able to workout safely but at a high intensity," Dzafic said. "Our super slow technique eliminates force, which causes most workout-related injuries, to give you a safe injury-free workout."

Dzafic said he and his trainers have a hands-on approach to personal training. Each trainer uses his or her knowledge of the body to craft a workout for each type of client. Dzafic also said that trainers are there to make sure the client can't cheat, and does each move effectively.

Anel Dzafic

"We work closely with you to reach your goal and failure is not an option," Dzafic said.

For clients that want to gain muscle mass, Dzafic said it's important to push the body beyond its comfort level, something he called challenging because "the mind is designed to quit before the body." Breaking past an individual's comfort zone is what Dzafic said makes the body stronger and leaner. However, building muscle isn't all about what someone does in the gym, but outside of it as well.

"When you are done creating that stimulus [in the gym], you have to provide your body with proper nutrition to help the recovery process," Dzafic said. "Enough protein for your body composition, plenty of healthy fats and veggies to give your body the proper nutrients for recovery. Of course, water is crucial post-workout too."

Dzafic, a holistic health coach and nutrition expert, has been a certified personal trainer in the NYC area for seven years. Additionally, he's a certified EMT and firefighter in the state of New York. He works with clients from 10 years old to 90 years old, and has tried just about every fitness method out there.

Dzafic works alongside Madison Hughes, the other personal trainer at Countdown Fitness. The Central Connecticut State University graduate has her degree in exercise science, and is a former college athlete. Experiencing the challenge and negative side effects of traditional lifting through college athletics, Hughes became a believer in the slow burn method after finding Countdown Fitness.

"You don't have to workout [three or four times] a week to achieve your perfect body," Dzafic said. "We are here to get you there without any injury in half the time. We have been training using this technique for over seven years."

To learn more about Countdown Fitness's slow burn method or to book an appointment, visit

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