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Building Flexibility and Strength at WalkAboutYoga

By Marina Jokic

WalkAboutYoga, or WAY, is not your average indoor yoga. Instead, you practice in the outdoors, immersed in nature and drenched by the warm rays of the sun. The fresh breeze makes it easier to breathe, and refreshes you, Traci Weber, owner, operator, and self-described yoga nerd, said. What does a yoga session look like at WAY? Each lasts approximately 75 to 90 minutes, takes you for a yoga hike during the warmer summer months, and is led by a certified yoga instructor. Yoga-themed parties, essential oils, and other cool merchandise like mini mats, necklaces, bracelets and other accessories are also available on the premises.

Taking yoga into the outdoors is actually returning the discipline to its roots when it was performed outside. The twist at WAY is that they combine a solid cardio workout with yoga, thereby creating a well-rounded exercise that will recharge you physically and mentally, says Weber. Among its myriad benefits, yoga will aid in becoming more nimble and fit, lowering high blood pressure, and increasing flexibility. Making you stronger, more elastic, and mentally stable, yoga is a low-impact exercise program that will bring you long-lasting wellness.

"Outdoor yoga frees the yoga spirit, and the open space expands and lifts the heart," Weber said. "The warmth of the sun deepens our poses, and the breeze reminds us to breathe. During the hikes, we encourage making connections, making new friends, and cultivating a sense of belonging?something you don't get at traditional yoga classes."

There is a suitable class for people of all levels of fitness and experience. Power Yoga with Camden, for instance, offers students traditional yoga poses done at a more brisk pace, a fitness-based approach to Vinyasa-style flow. Students will focus on consciously linking their breath to a vigorous yet mindful flow.

In a power yoga class, students build strength, flexibility, and concentration while cleansing their bodies and minds. What you end up getting is a great cardiovascular and strength building workout as well as expert breathing techniques.

Walking meditation with Traci fuses walking with gentle yoga moves into an hour of peaceful movement and mental cleansing. It's the ideal class for those new to yoga and meditation. "This practice is about an hour of pure bliss," Weber said.

This year, WAY introduced the new Give-A-Way initiative through which one essential oil diffuser necklace or a gift certificate for a walkabout is given out to someone each month who is nominated by the WAY yoga community?a great way to recognize a fellow yogi for their efforts.

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