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Brick vs Wood: The Pro's and Con's of Building Materials

Brick and Wood are two of the most prevalent materials in the construction of homes. There are a variety of benefits and drawbacks to these two designs based on factors like the financial aspects, the conditions they support and their usage in construction.

Brick Pros

The benefits of Brick houses depend significantly in the conditions in your area and what you want out of your home. If you live in a colder area (I see you, Connecticut) Brick houses can keep warmth in and keep cold out due to heat traveling more slowly through bricks which can allow for protection from frigid temperatures well into the colder nights. Brick homes are stronger than wooden homes due to heavier material in the construction. Thus, Brick is better for stormier areas and receives less damage than a wooden house. Brick homes are more effective at resisting rust, rot, termites or other hazards than wooden homes. Therefore, brick homes can last hundreds of years and stand up to formidable challenges. A brick home also benefits the owner due to its resale value. Brick homes are much easier to sell and receive higher selling prices than wooden homes do. Homes made out of brick are strong investments due to their resale value and durability.

Brick Cons

Brick isn't perfect, its cons are several and some are directly related to its pros. For example, Brick homes are more expensive to purchase, in part due to their durability. Brick homes also collect mold, mildew and the like more easily in their more humid areas which can create significant problems in maintenance and even danger to an owner's family because of the consequences of mold inhalation. Brick homes are very expensive and can be difficult to construct due to the materials involved. Brick is not effective at resisting water, which can seep, during heavy rainfall, into the interior and structure of the home.

Wood Pros

Wooden homes have a variety of benefits. Wooden homes are energy efficient due to the nature of the material and the types of construction used in these homes. Wooden homes, by comparison to Brick or some other materials, are also easier to construct, alter and move should the need arise. Wooden homes are easier to manipulate, in terms of temperature, as necessary. One of the biggest pros of wood construction over brick is pricing. Wooden homes are cheaper than brick homes are because of the material which makes them a more affordable and thus a better option for those with limited resources.

Wood Cons

Wooden homes are harder to heat. The wood is less durable than the brick and does not keep heat as well. Wooden homes are also more susceptible to termites because the termites, obviously, eat wood. Wooden homes are harder to insure than brick homes because they are much less durable than brick homes and are more susceptible to natural disasters, weather and the like.

There are pros and cons to any make, material or design. Brick homes are longstanding, durable and expensive. Wooden homes are malleable, inexpensive and vulnerable. Each type of home, and its value or utility work more effectively for different types of buyers in different markets. Depending on the area in which you live, your price range and economic realities, and what you would like out of the home you buy, choose the best material for you. Happy hunting and building!

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