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Between the Worlds Brings Spiritual Comfort and Healing

By Pamela Sosnowski

Adam Bernstein discovered his psychic gift when he was just four years old. He told his nursery school teacher, who had returned from a leave of absence, that her dad was happy in heaven only to discover that her father had indeed recently passed away. Today, as a Kingston-based psychic and medium operating under his business Between the Worlds, he comforts those whose loved ones have passed, gives psychic readings, and conducts lectures and classes in several areas of spirituality and mediumship.

"As a medium it is my job to validate the continuity of life, or prove that nobody really dies, just the body does," he explained. "This provides comfort, closure and healing to my clients and brings them one step closer to losing the fear of death for when you lose the fear of dying you lose the fear of living."

His services include everything from psychic and medium readings to spirit readings, where he takes a good look at a person's soul and reveals their meaning and purpose in life to them. He also practices Reiki energy healing and leads meditations called home circles.

He can perform a psychic reading by using tarot cards, palm reading, numerology, or simply giving a reading without any tools. He offers a money-back guarantee if he cannot pick up on any specific information within the first ten minutes of a session.

After his nursery school experience Bernstein progressed to making startlingly accurate weather predictions and sensing future events late in his teens. At age 24 he met an Oklahoma City psychic who taught him how to read tarot cards. Throughout his psychic journey he's delved into astrology, palmistry, numerology, and more, and has been featured in the local media as well as on several television shows about psychics.

Bernstein is unfazed by those that are skeptical of his gift, as he says most skeptics are not hardcore non-believers.

"To skeptical people I'd say it's fine as long as they are not closed minded," he said. "Normally my reputation proceeds me so it's seldom an issue but given all the phonies and sub-standard practitioners out there being a little skeptical means that you are smart just as long as you have an open mind."

Adam Bernstein

He also works with an astrology expert, Esther Frances of the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck. She conducts astrology readings for individuals, couples, or families with the help of several standard charts in the practice of astrology.

Bernstein is a co-founder and a charter member of "The International Mediums League" and is currently writing a book on spirituality and psychic nurturing for children. Although he enjoys providing insights to people through any of his services, he especially loves comforting people's hearts through his medium readings, just as he did for his nursery school teacher decades ago.

"Love never dies," he said. "I most enjoy the healing it brings to people and how much better and stronger they feel after a session. Being able to make these connections for people is pure joy and the spirits themselves are so light and positive I can't help but to feel good working with them."

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