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An Overview of Your Home Insurance Policy: An Interview with Zach Marcus of Marcus Insurance

By Zach Marcus

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

The Marcus Insurance agency was founded by Charles G. Marcus in Hartford in 1941. The agency has grown over the years and is currently a fourth generation family business. We are a full service independent agency, and serve all lines of insurance to individuals and businesses.

What are some of the services your company provides?

Marcus insurance offers all types of insurance including, auto, home, business, life, umbrella, and health insurance. We service everything from renter's policies, to business owner's policies to workers comp, to health insurance.

In general, what is homeowners insurance supposed to provide for homeowner?

Homeowners Insurance is there to provide homeowner's a security net. A homeowner's policy is in effect to replace or repair a home if a disaster were to happen to the home. What most people don't realize is that a homeowner's policy isn't just in effect to protect your house. It's to protect yourself financially, if something were to happen to the home, the homeowners wouldn't be fully financially responsible for damages to the home. It's a policy that protects your assets, and your home.

What are some of the different types of policies available? Are these policies mostly based on income level?

Each policy is different from the next. There's no such thing as cookie cutter when it comes to insurance. Insurance policies, outside of life insurance, are never based on income level. Insurance policies are always specific to each risk, and no two risks are identical. Two houses, the same size, the same age, the same street could have completely different premiums based on who's living in the house, their history and so on.

What does the average home insurance policy typically cover?

The average homeowner's policy covers a multiple variety of things. Firstly the policy covers the house itself. This is called Dwelling Coverage. This coverage has a limit, and this limit represents the value to rebuild the house to the exact specifications and debris removal if the house were to burn to the ground. The next area a homeowner's policy covers is Other Structures. This could be coverage of a detached garage, shed, or any type of structure on the property. This value is usually a percentage of the Dwelling coverage. Personal Property is also covered and this is also usually a percentage of the dwelling limits. The last coverage on a homeowner's policy is Loss of Use coverage. This coverage is in place if the house were to be damaged and uninhabitable, this is the limits that the policy would cover you for temporary living arraignments. Other coverage's that are not included, but are commonly added as an additional coverage is for expensive items such as jewelry, or artwork. This can be added on as extra coverage.

Do most insurance companies require home inspections? What different type of home inspections are there?

Most insurance companies do require home inspections. These inspections can be taken by the agent themselves, and with this data, can report it back to the corresponding company.

What are some factors that influence the rate on my home insurance policy?

Factors that can influence rates on homeowners coverage include: credit score, claims/loss history of the applicant, multi policy discounts (if you also have auto insurance from the same company as homeowners) overall condition of the house, and when roofing, heating systems, and electrical components of the house were updated. The more recent the update, the more competitive the rates usually are.

What are my options if I want to cancel my home insurance policy?

Since 1941, Marcus Insurance has been providing our customers with honest & knowledgeable insurance services. Specializing in auto, home, commercial, as well as life & financial services, our staff of professionals is dedicated to one goal: putting our customers first.

Do you have any other tips when it comes to choosing an insurance policy?

Marcus Insurance represents over a dozen highly rated insurance carriers. This large pool of companies separates us from our competition and enables us to find personalized coverage for individuals and business at the most competitive price. Simply put, our rates are hard to beat.

We have a tremendous amount of pride in our community, its people, its businesses, schools & organizations. Our company was founded on the principles of community, trust, hard work & loyalty to our goals as business and, most importantly, to our customers. It is our hope that these values are evident in our work and will in turn result in gaining the trust and loyalty of every one of our customers.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you or your company?

Contact us today for a quote for any of your individual, family, or business insurance needs at 860-563-9353.Or visit us on the Web at - You will be glad you did.

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