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Adae Fine Art Academy Encourages Artists to Learn at Their Own Pace

By Elisha Neubauer

Kwadwo Adae has spent a good part of his career as an artist in the New Haven, Connecticut area. Learning his trade, Adae felt the vibrant arts community that calls New Haven home contributed to his growth immensely, and knew he just wanted to do something to help others much like himself. It was for this reason that he launched Adae Fine Art Academy.

"Whether I was taking pottery, photography, or painting classes at Creative Arts Workshop, or exhibiting artwork annually in Artspace's City Wide Open Studios; there was always a place in this town that I could express myself artistically," explains Adae. "There was always a place to exhibit work and have other artists to talk to." Adae tried his hand at leaving the community, only to find himself right back where he started after graduating from NYU with a Master's in painting. "I thought New Haven would be the perfect place to establish a drawing and painting school and to serve this community," he stated.

He couldn't have been more correct. At the time, there were no beginning watercolor or advanced oil painting classes in the area. Not only did he aim to provide these basics, but he wanted to blend advanced and beginner students into one artistic bubble.

"Students set their own curriculum, create artwork in the drawing and painting media and subject matter of their choice, and are instructed on an individual level," he explains. "For example, in an adult class of seven people, everyone is working on something completely different." He adds, "All artists are different and need the freedom to create whatever they wish." This allows each and every student to learn skill sets that are relevant to what they are working on in the moment. "Gradually over time as more artwork is made in this manner, artistic skill sets expand and improvement is inevitable," Adae details.

One thing you'll notice about the Adae Fine Art Academy is the fact that they don't utilize the term 'Artistic Talent.' "It's a marker that I tend to shy away from," explains Adae. "Over the years I have heard many people say, 'I'm not artistically talented, I couldn't even draw a stick figure.'" Adae says this becomes a limiting phrase for people to excuse themselves from trying.

"You do not need to be artistically talented to gain proficiency in creating art or anything else," he states. "It is not magic, it is all about how much time you put into your endeavors, no matter what they are."

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