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Achieve Your New Year's Resolution at Inspire Fitness

By Marina Jokic

Inspire Fitness is more than just a gym. Located in Stamford, Connecticut, it offers customized workout programs, individual classes, nutritional planning, and personal training. From training for warriors to boot camp and mat Pilates, the studio organizes private and group sessions that accommodate people of all fitness levels. Experienced students who frequent the studio regularly become a support network of sorts for newcomers. In such a welcoming environment, all students can reach their potential.

Inspire Fitness' personal trainers are a group of vetted professionals who live and breathe fitness. Owners of the studio Brian McMaster and Wendi Hoak established their business around the concept of affordable personal training as the ideal fitness model. Anyone can benefit from working with a personal trainer, who can design the most effective and suitable routine and ensure that students meet their goals. Instructors keep the workouts fresh and challenging by using cutting edge apparatus, tools, and techniques.

"Exercise combined with mindful, healthy eating is the most effective way to lose weight," Hoak said. "We work with our clients to increase exercise and activity, combining that with a healthy eating plan."

Hiring a personal trainer is usually deemed a luxury, but Inspire Fitness has revamped the model and made it accessible to everyone. Finding a fitness studio is easy, but becoming part of a fitness community is part and parcel of the Inspire Fitness experience. You'll find yourself looking forward to seeing your friends there and motivating each other to go further and further.

"People who go to the gym without a plan or a trainer tend to only do the things at which they already excel," McMaster said. "It has been said many times before 'train your weaknesses, compete in your strengths' [so] having a trainer keeps the focus on workouts as training sessions to get better in all areas."

The nutritional component of Inspire Fitness' training is the last piece of the health puzzle according to Hoak and McMaster. They encourage students to keep a food journal, suggest modest changes in eating habits, and utilize their signature Whole30 nutritional plan to promote healthier eating. Avoiding hack diets is especially important in avoiding rapid weight loss and the inevitable weight gain.

"We think of ourselves as a healthy version of Cheers," Hoak said. "Our trainers are your coach and cheerleader, encouraging [you] to improve [your] life through exercise."

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